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 MPE~~Magers Pwnage Elite~~ Clan

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Bonesaw Pk
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PostSubject: MPE~~Magers Pwnage Elite~~ Clan   Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:17 pm

Well I decided to do this, My very own Pures/Main/Hybriders clan.
First I would like to present myself:
Bonesaw Pk-Maxed out Main.
Pure Can Pk-Maxed out 1 def Pure.

As founding this clan, I'm setting my friend Pk3r as Co-owner of the clan.

It's preety simple to join, just fill out the application bellow:

Combat Level:


Strength Level:

Attack Level:

Defence Level:

Prayer Level:

Hitpoints Level:

Magic Level:

Ranged Level:

Summoning Level:

Favourite Weapon:(Eg:Statius Warhammer)

Kill Death Ratio:(just do ::kdr in-game)

Why do you want to join MPE?

Are you going to stay active in this clan and try to be in the events?(exceptions for being logged off.)

Are you/Do you consider yourslef a good Hybrider/Pker?Why?

If you are given a position of "Owner" while one of the owners are away, what would you do if the clan was attacked by an enemy clan?

Do you like old school Pking(05-07) or new school Pking?(08-09)?Why?

Have you ever PKed in Runescape?Were you a pure or a main?

If you get Backstabbed by someone in the clan, what would you do?

If your friend plans with you to backstabb one of the clan mates, would you report him or just go ahead?

That's all for the Application, thanks.


I'm alone, in the wild, and a clan is after me, what should I do?
A:Call for help of the clan and run the faster you can.

If I'm in trouble (eg:being hybrid'd for 10 people at same time), will the clan come for my aid?
A:If you shout out for help, yes indeed.

If I miss 1-3 events of the clan, will I be banned/kicked from the clan?
A:Not exactly, but you must atleast come to one event every 5-8 event.

If I die during a war, will I be alowed to come back?
A:Depends if there was a rule in that war saying not to come back after death.

If I get a good loot then someone from the clan backstabbs me for it, what should I do?
A:Report it on the forums with Proof.(eg:Pic, video, etc)

Can I solo PK?
A:If you want to, but try to come to the wars/hybrids/PKing trips.

-The same Rules of Project-Exiled Apply.
-No BackStabbing.
-No Luring clan-mates.
-Respect everyone and everyone shall respect you.
-Always try to help a clan-mate who's needed.
-Be active on the clan while logged in.


Thanks for your attention, Bonesaw Pk.
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MPE~~Magers Pwnage Elite~~ Clan
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